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How to choose the right name for your new project

January 28, 2019

Since this blog is still in the beginning phase, I would like to discuss about the very first thing we need to cover when we start a business or a side project – the name!

One of my recent client was confused about how to name her new floral business. She was not sure what name will suit her business structure neither if the name she choose will be good enough to support the brand on the long run. When deciding upon the name, one of the most important thing, or at least something I strongly believe in, is to choose the name that has the story behind it. No matter if the story is interesting or not, short or long, it’s important that it has the certain value, something you believe in or something you are proud of – everything else comes second.

If you’re starting a business or if you’ve just decided to level up your brand and bring more value to your people by creating a set of different workbooks, courses or ebooks and you need a name, this little chapter might be of use to you. If however you’re not yet ready to make the shift, save this as a little reminder for your any future projects. 🙂



Keep the name simple

Simple, melodic and memorable. If you start with a name that’s totally opposite of those three aspects, you’ll probably end up with not the best option. Whenever you need to explain your business or project name, it’s probably not a great sign.

If you’re in the process of thinking about it, keep it simple. Simple words and names are usually always melodic and they are much easier to pronounce. So, once when your clients doesn’t have any trouble with pronouncing the name, it will be easier for them to remember it which is the end goal.


Be creative

The purpose of a name should be to communicate what your business or project is about while being easy to remember and unique. You can approach to it from your personal perspective by bringing in your story, something really special or unique about you. Or, you can also think in more descriptive way; the idea is to be creative and play with words.

Try keywords, numbers, color names; even Pantone palette can be an amazing inspiration source. Use the buzzwords that your audience is using on a daily base to achieve a better connection.


Choose a name that’s scalable

You know your business well – in a matter of fact, you started it in the first place. Your goals, ideas and your plans are obviously clear to you. But, what if some day you come up with a new idea or a concept? Choose a name that can eventually expand your business. If you’re into pottery, you might one day sell art or even open a gallery. If you’re a service based business, pick a name that can let you bring various services into your business or even start different things. Dream big even when you’re thinking about the very first step: the name.



Make sure you have a related domain

Avoiding choosing a name that’s too similar to other business in your industry is something you are probably already familiar with, but thinking about the name that is still available on the domain marketplace can get out of the sight once when you wrap your head about ideas and concepts. Being present on social media and having a related domain is quite important these days as you already know so once when you narrow down your choice, make sure to double check if it’s still available for use on the domain marketplace and social media.


Give it time

When we’re starting a business or a side project, we all feel quite excited and we are basically ready to jump on the head. Yes, we both know what I’m talking about. But, feeling over the top is one thing while having all under control is something quite different. If you just thought of a name for your new thing, give it time. Don’t settle with it just yet. Talk with your friends and family about it. Make sure that you still feel connected to it after a few days. I promise you, nothing bad will happen, you just might get another approval that your idea was on spot.

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