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Simple brand checklist to make sure you are on the right path

April 30, 2019

If you’re into any kind of business, you know how important the branding is. If it’s done right, it reflects your values and beliefs and it successfully communicate your services or products to your ideal audience.

Often people start their businesses the other way around, they don’t think much about building a brand, just the opposite – they usually turn something they love into a real actual business. However, running a business is one thing but building a business and brand that has strong foundation is something completely different.

To be able to stand apart and build a brand that can outgrow your initial dreams and goals, you need to be able to step away and make sure that each and every part of it is close to perfect. Branding is one of those pillars that will help you sell your service or product. Sometimes it will help you communicate your values, and sometimes, it will help you tell the story in a way that you can’t even imagine.

Business can get you far but great branding can take you even further. And I know you might be asking yourself: where to even start?



Let’s start with the name of your business – one of the most important aspect of any business is to have a melodic name that’s easy to remember so it will be easier for you to market it. I’ve wrote in my last blog post more on what is important when naming your brand.

Second most important element of any great brand is the message you’re sending on a daily base. No matter it’s through your tagline or strong social media opinion that includes custom hashtags or special wording, having something to say can be crucial to connect with your audience. If your people can’t hear your message, they will surely not understand you.

Defined values that you strongly believe in and that are visible on your website or throughout social media is another way to deliver your message and connect with your people even more. Here you can check mine to get some inspiration or learn more about me. Values are important because they can set the tone of your brand and they can make people fell in love with your brand even more, specially if your values are overlapping with theirs.

Final step to build trust and great connection is communication. Communication is everything – it can help you sell, buy, connect, tell a story and eventually build a better foundation for your business. If you’re fast, honest and reliable, you will be able to build trust and if you have trust, you will be able to build a beautiful brand.



Every business needs a way to distinguish itself and while messaging and great communication can be one way, the logo, fonts and defined color palette can be another.

Uniquely made logo design can set apart every business. But, where it shines the most is through quality defined color palette and set of fonts that works only in that set. You can sometimes notice similarity on the market when it comes to logo but the complete set of everything is actually what makes the brand unique. The combination of the name, the messaging and communication together with the logo design, the colors and fonts is what we call branding. It’s not just a symbol – it’s an entire set that bonds your services, values and skills into one package.

We live in time where businesses build their brands (only) via Internet and accepting that will lead us far so having a great website is another step to professionalism. Make sure that all the links are working, that it runs smoothly and that it contains all the important information that might be of use to your clients. Smart planned website can help you drastically in explaining why your services or products are the best option on the market.

The same goes for social media. It’s a tool that you can use to easily spread your message and brand values. You can use it for communication, telling stories and even sharing behind the scene – something people always love.

Final add-on in this complete set would be print materials that can always add a nice touch to your brand. If you’re a service based business, you can think of creating a business card or memo. Maybe even add a welcome package or beautifully designed price portfolio catalogue if you’re a photographer. If however you’re a product based business, print materials and packaging can even become your main asset to create beautiful and memorable client experience. Handwritten thank you note with your branding or custom printed tissue paper will definitely set the tone. 

Below you can download the simple branding checklist, a shortcut to all the things you need to check to stand apart. Let me know how many boxes you will successfully check and what you still need to work on – I might have few extra tips and tricks! 🙂

Download the Simple Branding Checklist

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