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4 ways on how to build an impactful business

May 25, 2019

Over the time I’ve gained some experience in working with people and communicating but with a goal to create an impact by doing what I love I can achieve more. So, if your goal is to make an impact through your work and life, then these 4 ways can either confirm your initial thoughts or give you some extra tips on how to do it.

Be a great listener

One of the things that I’m actually naturally good at. I believe I know how to listen and I think that’s the main reason why I’m good at branding and design in general – being able to turn someone’s idea into a visual element is quite a challenge and sometimes really really hard. However, if you know how to listen, you can make a great impact on anyone who you’re speaking to or working with.

When talking to someone, try to notice the expressions or hear the tone of voice. If for example, someone speaks to you about something they are passionate about, you will notice the spark in the eye. You can see the person smiling or being excited but also you will hear in the tone of voice how it changes.

Also, if a person is explaining something and doesn’t know how to explain it, be quiet. The awkward moment of silence will make them dig deeper into what they were saying about and it will make them explain things again with being much more clear about the theme. If you do the opposite and start talking, the idea will stayed buried.

Turn on your empathy. Yes, I know it’s not something everyone has but give it a try – being able to put yourself into someone’s shoes is a great gift and if you have it, put it in use. If you can feel the emotions of the other person, you are a natural listener.

Go the extra mile

Like anything in life – if you go the extra mile, you will achieve more. Being that one person who can deliver a bit more is an easy recipe to make an impact. I will ask you, who was your favorite teacher in the elementary school? Can you remember? What kind of person she or he was? Can you remember your favorite moment about her or him? If you have one, I believe you can. And the reason is simple – they went that extra mile for you at some point and you’ve remembered it. They’ve made an impact by helping you, showing you the way or even just believing in you.

Do things without being asked

I remember when I was working in a small local design studio, I was the only girl there so it was somehow the challenge to fit in. But, it didn’t bothered me much, I fell in love with the job so it was easy for me to find my focus. One week we had a massive order and the whole team should stay longer at work + we also hired few freelancers to come and help us fullfil the order. Days and hours passed by and I was so in love with the whole process that I somehow ended up helping to coordinate the project and acting like it’s my business – I was again, going that extra mile and I was doing things without being asked to. You can only imagine how much impact I left of my boss. But I know how much – he came 4 years later to ask me to design something for him and to say that they couldn’t find anyone else like me after I left. It’s simple, if you love what you’re doing, you will be able to predict the situations, do the things without being asked to and guide your clients the way they never dreamed of.

Be excited

I got so many positive feedbacks from clients around the world about how they like my excitement and huge interest in their brand and in what they do even years after we’ve worked together. I’m not only excited when I book a new client, just the opposite, I’m even more excited when I see someone succeed based on what I’ve created for them. The perfect example is Lola Jane. Laura, the owner of Lola Jane was determined to build a real business and yes, she did it. What else can I say other then I’m really proud and it makes me happy to see her hard work pays off. No matter we’ve built the visual identity for her, I still find ways to comment and let her know how excited I am about her lovely brand. Being interested in someone’s work will make a huge impact.

I hope these 4 simple ways on how to make an impact through your business and life were helpful and let me know which one relates to you!

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