Hi, I’m Kath. I’m grateful that you have stopped by.

I never knew I'd end up becoming a brand designer. I started my design career by working for somebody else, and fell in love with the creative problem-solving of graphic design. So much so, that in my spare time I spent days and nights drawing and re-creating old art, sketching new illustrations and playing with logotypes.

My love for creating started everything, but it took more self-awareness for me to turn this into a business. I realized we are all here to leave an impact somehow, and, why not by doing something that we love? Something that makes my heart happy is seeing people doing what they truly care about and acting upon their values and beliefs.

With gratitude in my heart, that’s why I grew up
into becoming a brand designer. I wanted to train my talent to help others with their story and visuals so they can inspire, change and reach more people.

Today I help creatives and amazing business owners like you to build your presence and shape your story through visuals and design, so you can have a voice to make an impact. All I want is to be able to build great things with great people.

I’m a brand designer and the creative mind behind Seventy Two, the business I started because I believe each of us can and will do something really nice for the world.

I’m inspired by slow and unusual and fueled by good coffee, real conversations and stories.

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My Values


I believe we are all here to somehow leave an impact - and why not by doing something you love and believe in? It makes my heart happy seeing people doing what they care about and acting upon their values and beliefs. You can truly inspire, define or even change someone’s life by doing what you love - and I really do believe this is the most beautiful way of making an impact on the world.


With gratitude in my heart, I realize not everyone is able to do what they truly want and love. Maybe even you found yourself in a position where you couldn’t just magically change your day to day life. While some things come naturally to us, the same things come hard to others. Having that in mind, I believe we should all be humble and grateful for the chances we are given and try to make a little difference wherever we can, every day.

People buy from real people. Your stories, your mistakes and your successes - it’s all a part of your business and your authentic self. Once your clients connect with you, they will follow you everywhere. That’s why I always strive to tell your true story through each and every piece I design for you.



When building brands I’m always searching for something special, something that’s unique to your story – and trying to highlight that throughout your whole brand. There is no meaning in building a brand that will not breathe your story in and out. We all have our reasons why we started a business or a project in the first place and I’m here to help you embrace & emphasize that.

It’s simple - I’m all about quality over quantity. I hold myself accountable for my results and I do that by doing my very best in everything I deliver, from a simple color palette to defining your branding and styling guide. I don’t see any value in doing things in half and I don’t want to leave you with something that’s not done exactly perfect - doing things right and standing behind them is something I’m truly passionate about.



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