Impactful Business

I’ve recently made some small changes in my business and brand in order to get one step closer to my goals. It’s important to reflect on the past here and there to see where you’re standing in your business and how far you’ve come, but also, it’s equally important to always think of new ideas […]

Top 5 reasons to rebrand your business

Impactful Business

Since this blog is still in the beginning phase, I would like to discuss about the very first thing we need to cover when we start a business or a side project – the name! One of my recent client was confused about how to name her new floral business. She was not sure what […]

How to choose the right name for your new project

Impactful Life

If you are reading this, I’m happy to say how thankful I am to see you following me on this journey. I’ve been around for a few years now but I never thought of starting 2019 with this new thing – the blog. I wished to start the blog for a couple of times but […]

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